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Edgar Watson Howe Quotes
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Americans detest all lies except lies spoken in public or printed lies.
For every quarrel a man and wife have before others, they have a hundred when alone.
A man is usually more careful of his money than he is of his principles.
When you are in trouble, people who call to sympathize are really looking for the particulars.
Every successful man I have heard of has done the best he could with conditions as he found them, and not waited until next year for better.
When a man is trying to sell you something, don't imagine he is that polite all the time.
A reasonable probability is the only certainty.
A woman might as well propose: her husband will claim she did.
It is a matter of regret that many low, mean suspicions turn out to be well founded.
Where the guests at a gathering are well-acquainted, they eat 20 per cent more than they otherwise would.
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Motivational Quote
If you start by promising what you don't even have yet, you'll lose your desire to work towards getting it.
Family Quote
You have to live your life according to what comforts you, not what the rest of your family thinks you ought to be doing.
Love Quote
If you judge people, you have no time to love them.
Motivational Quote
It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.
Happiness Quote
Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.
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