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Gary R. Collins Quotes
Brief author info: Gary R. Collins (20th-21st) 20th/21st century American writer.
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It (the Bible) seems to portray a struggle between our mental inclinations and our actions.
It is important for depressed people to remember that most get better-especially when there is counseling and the support of friends.
There is a battle going on for the minds of people. We do need to be alert to the devil's schemes and subtle teachings that masquerade as truth in our society. But the way to resist such mental error is not with emotional diatribes. Instead there needs to be a clear understanding of the Bible's teaching about demonic error, accompanied by a committed submission to the commands of scripture.
Ignorance of God's Word and failure to obey his teachings are among the major reasons that people's minds fall into error.
Jesus never forced anyone to follow him, and he doesn't expect his followers to use high-pressure tactics to attract disciples.
I have reached the conclusion that almost all of us wonder, at least on occasion, about our own mental health.
... many questions about the mind are beyond the ability of science to answer.
The mind can control its own thinking and this, in turn, can influence behavior.
The quality of our lives is closely related to the quality of our thinking.
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