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George Bernard Shaw Quotes
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The secret of success is to offend the greatest number of people.
Why we ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we expect any ideal conditions on this earth?
Violence is the repartee of the illiterate.
We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it.
You cannot have power for good without having power for evil too. Even mothers milk nourishes murderers as well as heroes.
There are no perfectly honorable men; but every true man has one main point of honor and a few minor ones.
A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic.
Assassination is the extreme form of censorship.
Poverty does not produce unhappiness: It produces degradation.
Gambling promises the poor what property performs for the rich: That is why the bishops dare not denounce it fundamentally.
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Sex Quote
Sex is part of nature. I go along with nature.
Funny Quote
There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.
Life Quote
I'm the one that has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to.
Friendship Quote
Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.
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The reason I talk to myself is because I'm the only one whose answers I accept.
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