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Jabra Ibrahim Jabra Quotes
Brief author info: Jabra Ibrahim Jabra (1919-1994) Palestinian writer Novelist, poet, painter, and critic; a leading voice in Palestinian literature; lives in exile from homeland; in writings, reminisces about childhood in homeland; expresses dissatisfaction with Arab inability to rectify Palestinian situation.
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Here I stand and make Both myth and reality in my own way And live the violence of my dream and of my reality.
For tradition to be alive it has to be allowed to be a fountain of power for things undreamt of, things to come.
Some people imagine that by returning to tradition, you will renew it. This is not true, for by returning to tradition, you renew nothing. But by setting out from it and adding to it, you renew its power, because only by addition can you prepare the future path for the living sap within it.
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