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Jayaprakash Narayan Quotes
Brief author info: Jayaprakash Narayan (1902-1979) Indian nationalist. Fought for Indian independence; espoused radical socialist ideals; declined Nehru's offer to join government; later, worked against Indira Gandhi.
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My interest is not in the capture of power, but in the control of power by the people.
It [Communism] did not offer an answer to the question: Why should a man be good?
Power comes invariably to be usurped by a handful of the most ruthless among the erstwhile revolutionaries when power comes out of the barrel of a gun and the gun is not in the hands of the common people.
A violent revolution has always brought forth a dictatorship of some kind or the other... . After a revolution, a new privileged class of rulers and exploiters grows up in the course of time to which the people at large is once again subject.
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